Lines pricing information

How are the costs of your local lines network charged?

Your local lines company, or electricity distribution network, takes the electricity transmitted over the national grid and distributes it to your house or business.


Together, New Zealand’s 27 lines companies maintain around 150,000 km of lines throughout New Zealand. These companies are different to the retailer you have most communication with. Which lines company you are with depends on where you live - unlike when choosing a retailer, you don't have a choice of which lines company looks after delivering electricity to your home. Some lines companies are privately owned - many more are owned by your local council, community or consumer trust.


Most lines networks pass on their charges to electricity retailers and these are included as a component of the total electricity bill you get from your retailer.


The way lines charges are calculated will be changing over the next few years – the information below will help explain why.




Electricity bills can be difficult to understand - the video below helps break down the components of your bill.



As technology changes, the traditional way your contribution to the costs of operating and maintaining your local electricity network is calculated needs to change to make it fairer for all consumers. The video below helps to explain why this change is needed.




Download these reference guides.

Fact sheet - Changes in electricity pricing image
Fact sheet - Changes in electricity pricing
pdf (142 KB)

Look at how electricity pricing has changed over the last 10 years.

The components of your power bill image
The components of your power bill
pdf (61 KB)

Find out about the various components that make up your final retail electricity bill.