EDB requests for non-network alternative services

As New Zealand moves towards full decarbonisation and electrification, EDBs are increasingly looking for third parties to help them deliver enhanced network capacity, performance and reliability using non-traditional approaches.

These are generically described as non-network alternatives (NNAs), or sometimes non-wires alternatives.


ENA will keep this page up to date with a list of currently open ROIs and RFPs being run by EDBs for NNA support. Where possible ENA will also provide links to information on now-closed ROIs/RFPs as well.


Any questions about an individual ROI/RFP listed here should be directed at the relevant EDB, and ENA makes no guarantees about the accuracy or reliability of this information.


Open NNA ROIs and RFPs

  • None that ENA is aware of

Closed NNA ROIs and RFPs