Energy hardship to be targeted
News | 22 Oct 2019

A cross-sector energy hardship group will be established by the government to help ensure “energy hardship initiatives are well-considered, carefully co-ordinated and properly implemented”.

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Consumers to be given louder voice by government
News | 21 Oct 2019

The Government has accepted the Electricity Price Review’s recommendation to set up an electricity consumer advocacy council, as supported by ENA in its submission.

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A consumer's perspective of new electricity technologies in the home image
A consumer's perspective of new electricity technologies in the home
News | 17 Jul 2019

A consumer in Wellington explains his home energy setup: electric vehicle, solar panels and battery technology.

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Government response to Interim Climate Change Committee Report
News | 16 Jul 2019

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) is welcoming the Government’s response to the Interim Climate Change Committee (ICCC) Report released today.

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Common competency framework introduced for technical lines staff
News | 18 Jun 2019

A Common Competency Framework (CCF) has been developed by the ENA for use by its members.

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ENA members support EnergyMate pilot tackling energy hardship
News | 20 May 2019

Lines companies, electricity retailers, community organisations and the government have partnered to launch EnergyMate, a free in-home coaching service helping families at highest risk of energy hardship reduce electricity costs and live in a warmer home.

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Network Transformation Roadmap launched
News | 03 Apr 2019

A roadmap helping lines companies prepare for disruptive shifts in electricity production, use, and consumer behaviour was launched today by the Minister of Energy and Resources, the Hon Dr Megan Woods.

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ENA responds to the Electricity Price Review options paper
News | 25 Mar 2019

The ENA submitted its response to the Electricity Price Review options paper - welcoming the proposed phasing out of the low fixed-charge regulations for residential electricity.

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Subscribe to the new ENA newsletter for stakeholders
News | 30 Jan 2019

“A falsehood can travel halfway round the world before the truth can get its boots on” is an oft-repeated quote. The maxim clearly has as much merit today as when first uttered two centuries ago.

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