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ENA responds to the Electricity Price Review options paper
News | 25 Mar 2019

The ENA submitted its response to the Electricity Price Review options paper - welcoming the proposed phasing out of the low fixed-charge regulations for residential electricity.

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News | 30 Jan 2019

“A falsehood can travel halfway round the world before the truth can get its boots on” is an oft-repeated quote. The maxim clearly has as much merit today as when first uttered two centuries ago.

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Review of tree regulations finally starting
News | 24 Jan 2019

A long-awaited government review of the tree regulations has started.

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Unfair low-user subsidy must go
News | 30 Nov 2018

Electricity price controls which penalise consumption may finally be headed for the regulatory dust bin, writes ENA chief executive Graeme Peters.

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Pricing reform workshop agrees to work together on proposed timing of changes
News | 19 Nov 2018

Around seventy representatives from retailers, distributors, regulators and consumers attended ENA’s pricing reform update workshop in Wellington in November.

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ENA recommends changes to distribution sector regulation
News | 30 Oct 2018

All electricity-related regulation of the distribution sector should be under the ambit of the Commerce Commission, and an energy ‘ambassador’ should be considered to amplify the voice of ordinary consumers, the ENA says.

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Wellington Electricity makes progress on seismic strengthening
News | 18 Oct 2018

A milestone was marked by Wellington Electricity last week with the completion of seismic remedial work at its Miramar substation as part of its three-year, $31.2 million earthquake preparedness programme.

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ENA response to first report of Government Electricity Price Review
News | 11 Sep 2018

Electricity distributors have welcomed a report on the status of New Zealand’s electricity industry, and will be preparing a detailed and measured response to its findings.

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ComCom decision rams home need for more leeway in electricity reliability standards
News | 06 Sep 2018

A Commerce Commission decision today shows the importance of giving electricity distributors greater flexibility in meeting their reliability standards without facing financial penalties.

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Collaboration between lines companies celebrated
News | 20 Aug 2018

Counties Power officially thanked their southern neighbours, WEL Networks, last week at a breakfast to recognise WEL crews for their storm response assistance.

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